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History of the Villa

Designed by the renowned architect Giuseppe Poggi, the Villa was built at the same time as the establishment of Florence as the Capital in 1865.

The owners of the Villa were the Franchetti Barons, in particular the musician Alberto, who chose it as his favorite residence for its inspiration for his music.

The Villa became a venue for important parties, balls, and banquets, as well as cultural and artistic gatherings attended by figures such as Giacomo Puccini, Pietro Mascagni, and Eleonora Duse.

During the Second World War, the Villa served as the headquarters of the German command, as well as for evacuees and later various tenants. Abandoned in the 1960s and reduced to deplorable conditions, it was purchased by Dr. Gustavo Nardi who, along with his wife and children, patiently and with passionate dedication, reconstructed and restored the property, under the watchful eye of the Fine Arts of Florence.

About Us

Art at the Villa

Alice Giacanelli, mother of Mrs. Guja Giacanelli who, together with Dr. Gustavo Nardi, purchased and restored Villa Nardi to its ancient splendor, was a Macchiaioli painter who painted in Florence from the post-war period until the late 1970s of the 20th century.

During her long artistic career, she had the pleasure of exchanging opinions and ideas with the most illustrious representatives of this independent and revolutionary artistic movement, which, starting from Florence, contributed to marking an important page in Italian and international pictorial art of the first part of the 20th century.

Inside the Villa, even today, one can admire the largest private collection of this artist, who immortalized various subjects, from hunting scenes hanging in the dining rooms to the moments of "common" life of a Florence that was, to the splendid collection of family portraits, jealously guarded in the ballroom.

Modern reinterpretations of these works are present in every room, contributing to creating an interesting blend of historical and contemporary, which invites reflection and curiosity among visitors.

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